Arts and Exhibition Space

Arts – The Great Duke Phnom Penh is also supportive of many artistic endeavours, including holding regular monthly exhibitions at the “Insider Gallery”. This is an art and exhibition space located on the second floor of The Great Duke Hotel – Phnom Penh and has been open since 2011. It was created in order to promote local and international arts. Modern and contemporary works have been displayed in the expansive, light-filled gallery. Many recognized artists have exhibited their artworks and since then, our monthly event has continuously gained recognition. It has been recognized as one of Phnom Penh’s primary exhibition spaces.

The Inside Gallery

Located along the elegant corridors of The Great Duke Phnom Penh, The Insider Gallery was created in November 2011 after a sporadic art display by the students of Northbridge International School. Since then, The Insider Gallery has displayed a different exhibition of paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures or architecture every month to promote local or international but locally based artists and their work. The initiative reinforces the hotel’s commitment to the artists of the community and to the cultural and artistic scene in Phnom Penh, as well as supports a local NGO which raises funds to build houses for underprivileged.

Admission to the Gallery is free – please visit the gallery on the second floor of The Great Duke Phnom Penh.

Previous Exhibits
January 2017 – On The Verge of Extinction by Dina Chhan
February 2017 – Enigmatic by Grace H
March 2017 – Deconstruct+ by Frederikke Tu
April 2017 – Impressions of Cambodia by Jeremie Montessuis
May 2017 – THE Desire by Chhim Sothy
June 2017 – Cambodia: Past and Present by The Sok Sabay Children
July 2017 – Salt 2017 by Steve Porte
August 2017 – Khmer Graphic Design Art by exhibit
September 2017 – Kizuna Art by Nhem Sopheap, Oshima Naoya and Kameyama Ayaka
October 2017 – Sustainable Development of Traditional Indigo Weaving by Caring for Young Khmer
November 2017 – Cambodia Through Our Eyes by the students of Northbridge International School Cambodia